Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teachable Moments

When things go wrong in your life, do you try to hide them, brave them on your own, or make excuses for them? OR, do you see them as one more piece of your human journey that can be used to learn, gain support and to teach your children?

Whether it's an incident of teen drinking, a car crash on the news, or a challenging situation at work, I like to take a few moments to discuss it with my kids. I tell them the story, explain what I think about it, and then give them some ideas about proper responses to those situations.

I know they will still make mistakes, but I hope that some of the things I say will stick with them when they are faced with a choice. I'm grateful that we have choices in this country, but sometimes it makes parenting very challenging!! Every chance I get, I hope to provide some context and wisdom, from how to wash a load of clothes to how to handle sexual advances.

As children get older, we can't protect them from every heartbreak or wrong turn. But at least by talking regularly, we leave our door open to offer help when they ask. Boy oh boy, I hope they ask!!

By the way, if you want several ideas to a dilemma you are facing, I recommend a new book hot off the press. I was one of 35 contributors, and I must say it's a handy go-to resource when you're challenged with young children. Check it out! And blessings on your family!