Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visit Parenting Examiner Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a new resource for parents. It's called Examiner.com. It's a new community of local citizens who are blogging and writing articles on a number of topics, including parenting and child care.

I became one of the parenting examiners for Minneapolis last month and have posted a couple articles already. Check them out by clicking on the title of this post. Keep in mind that I also answer parenting questions at ParentalWisdom.com.

This social networking thing is really fun for writers like myself to share ideas and network with other parenting experts and professionals. I just joined Facebook a month ago and linked this blog to my profile page. I have not, however, decided to post photos of my children yet. I have also noticed that some people do not post photos of themselves, but instead use cartoons called "avatars" to represent themselves.

This is something to consider. While we are concerned about losing our connections to others, there is also a matter of family privacy. How much do we really want to invite the whole world into our living rooms? Do we really want to be famous...or infamous?

There are security features on these sites that allow you to pick and choose who sees certain information that you post. Learn how to use these features. More importantly, assume that anything you write may be viewed by your second grade teacher, pastor, next door neighbor, mother or the milk man. It's a small world, even online.