Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Year of the Fire Monkey

The Chinese calendar dubs 2016 the year of the fire monkey. If that means that life has been full of opportunity and non-stop action, then it doesn't disappoint.

At the same time, I've noticed a lot of destructive energy in the last few months. Deaths, illnesses and close calls have everybody a bit unnerved about the future.

The news is full of tenuous civil, economic and political events. We can listen to the radio and wonder if the end really is near.

So what if it is? Life is about what each of us makes of every moment. I'm not being trite. Even if we sit around complaining, blaming and worrying, time will move forward regardless.

On my long commute to work the other day, I decided to turn off the radio and contemplate my blessings, review my faults, and ask God to be with my loved ones and anyone else I knew who needed a boost. It's interesting when we surrender the worry and focus on what's good right now, that we are stronger to handle what's next.